Saturday, April 05, 2014

Requisite Yearly Post

So a little update:
1: I got my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology a couple months ago.
2: I'm working full time at SIU in IT.
3: I'm working part time at Gamestop [again].
4: I shaved my head after 2+ years of growth [for the 3rd time in the past 6 years].
5: I built a new, happening computer. It's very nice, and would have cost close to $3,000 if I built it today, but I got all the parts on Black Friday so I was able to build it for just under $1,200.

Other things that have happened that I haven't mentioned here:
My dog died.
We now take care of lots of cats in our neighborhood. Go figure.
I was unemployed for about a year and a half while I was finishing school.
I finished a lot of games in that time.
Dark Souls is great.

Things that are happening:
I am working on 2 different videogame projects:
     1: A point-and-click/random genre hybrid with guilt and redemption as the primary story focus.
     2: A JRPG parody with a unique hook that I hope everyone enjoys.
I have many more ideas on the backburner but those are the ones I want to finish first. I'm excited.

Things that I hope happen:
Ongoing pursuit of happiness.

See you again in whenever, internet at large. I have my semi-regularly updated twitter feed off the the left now, so you can rest assured in my ongoing existence.

-Ryan 'AfroRyan' Fisher

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