Friday, May 09, 2014

A poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep

Live and let live, love and let love
As is below, so is above
I know not where the future lead
Mankind enslaved or mankind freed
Love and tolerance a forced path
Does bring nothing but hate and wrath
Meet in the middle it is wise
Two sides find reason to despise
Why is all fair in love and war
No one knows what the fighting's for
Peace is not fought for me and you
They hope our hearts and minds eschew
No one wins circular fighting
So many wrongs needing righting
Neither side finding common ground
No champion, no winner crowned
All we can do is hope and pray
Both sides blessed forever today
And for those blessed in the middles
No more talk as if in riddles
No more rhyming and no more verse
Except this line it is my curse


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