Saturday, April 29, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Gain Ground Arcade (System 24)

I claimed this one and have most of the memory needed to start coding it, but not quite. I may expand this or reach out to other devs and see if they would like to collaborate. As it is, I feel this list is adequate, and being the Arcade version does have replayability drawbacks when it comes to making specific level challenges. Deathless would be VERY hard in this one, so I've more or less decided it could be a subset. To round it out and reward players for at least having to put effort into saving fighters and then also playing well enough as them to get them to the exit, I've decided on this GG entry to be EXIT themed, more so than the others. Some will still be extremely challenging (simply saving the General is hard enough).

TitleDescriptionPoint Value
You Have Repressed This EpochYou beat the Primitive Age5
Now You Go To Next EpochYou beat the Primitive Age with only 1 Credit (must fully reset to try again on any 1C cheevos)10
Thou Hast Quelled This EraYou beat the Middle Ages10
Hasten Thee To The Next EraYou beat the Middle Ages with only 1 Credit25
你打败了这个时代You beat the Modern Age10
去下一个时代You beat the Modern Age with only 1 Credit50
1-12-5-1 3-C-5-1-12-5-4You beat the Future Age, beating the game. Good Job!25
14-12-19 1-7-1-9-EYou made it to the final boss, but were defeated. Don't give up!10
13-8-15-14-4-F-17-EYou beat the entire game with only 1 credit. Amazing!100
Sorry Fellow, Can't Be YellowPlay as player 2. Sorry, but achievements won't work as Player 2!0
Boycott Blues, You Cannot ChoosePlay as player 3. Sorry, but achievements won't work as Player 3!0
Go Ahead And Play As RedPlay as player 1. This enables further achievements.0
Athra's AnticsAs Athra, successfully reach an EXIT.1
When Johnny Strikes Up The WhenAs Johnny, successfully reach an EXIT.1
Betty Gettin' Ready, Rock SteadyAs Betty, successfully reach an EXIT.1
Outta Sight Glow KnightAs Glow Knight, successfully reach an EXIT.2
Verbal AltercationAs Verbal, successfully reach an EXIT.2
Ride of the ValkyrieAs Valkyrie, successfully reach an EXIT.2
Light A Fire Under Fire KnightAs Fire Knight, successfully reach an EXIT.5
Lost Puppy, Answers to "Mud"As Mud Puppy, successfully reach an EXIT.5
The Professy Will HelpAs Professor, successfully reach an EXIT.5
Lobby Has Exited The LobbyAs Lobby, successfully reach an EXIT.5
Zaemon Needs His ZsAs Zaemon, successfully reach an EXIT.5
Water Knight Doesn't Want To FightAs Water Knight, successfully reach an EXIT.10
No Mam, I Can't Deal With This!As Mam, successfully reach an EXIT.10
No One's Quick As GasconAs Gascon, successfully reach an EXIT.10
Mars Needs MomsAs Mars, successfully reach an EXIT.10
I Don't Feel Good In GeneralAs General, successfully reach an EXIT.10
Don't Have A Kou ManAs Kou, successfully reach an EXIT.10
Cyber Needs SpaceAs Cyber, successfully reach an EXIT.10
Leave Me Alone Kid, I'm BusyAs Kid, successfully reach an EXIT.10
Oh Honey, You Shouldn't Have!As Honey, successfully reach an EXIT.25
Good GainerYou broke through to the top 10 of the in-game leaderboard by getting over 1,000 points1
Great GainerYou beat the default High Score of 10,000 points.5
Grand GainerYou reached a score of 100,000 points.10
Conscientious ObjectorComplete 1-1 without killing anyone and without taking any damage.3

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Piyotama


TitleDescriptionPoint Value
Coop Mode:Timed Mode
Cockerellow score1
Henpeckedmid score5
Don't Get Cockyhigh score10
Cock of the Walkhighest score25
Free Range Mode:Endless Mode
PlaceholderVarious level threshold cheevos1
EggGet a Combo of 51
ChickGet a Combo of 103
BoilerGet a Combo of 155
PulletGet a Combo of 2010
HenGet a Combo of 3025
Easter EggerHatch a Kaleidoscope egg1
Plump DumpHatch a Plump egg1

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Tiny Chao Garden Subset Outline

Link Sonic Advance/PP, Sonic Advance 2, and Sonic Adventure DX multiboot

For each different version of TCG, there are 2 minigames, 1 of which is unique per game and the other shared across all games.

Memory Game (all versions):

Short Term Memory - Finish the Memory minigame with 1 or more misses.

Mind Like a Steel Trap - Finish the Memory minigame with 0 misses.

Chao's CC Shoot (Sonic Pinball Party):

An achivement per level for successful completion.

An achievement for getting over 100 rings.

Janken (Sonic Advance):

Ring thresholds up to the max 99. 25, 50, 75, 99 more than likely.

A no miss challenge for a certain threshold.

Chao Super High Jump (Sonic Advance 2):

Achievement per level.

Achievement for perfect ring collection (that is, no deaths).

Chao Friend Search (Sonic Adventure DX multiboot):

Achievement for clearing.

Achievement for perfect clearing.

Achievement for exceeding the max time.


The additional achievements will be done in the main Tiny Chao Garden mode. For simplicity, this will be restricted to Sonic Advance 2. It and PP are the more "up to date" versions, with more Chao interactions for players to see.

Achievements for each type of fruit.

Achievements for every toy.

Achievements for buying an egg different than the free default one (they're random, so not going to require buying the crazy rare/expensive ones).

Achievement for sending a Chao away.

An achievement for getting specific stat thresholds (enough for flying and/or swimming).

An achievement for max mood and belly.

An achievement for petting the Chao.

An achievement for pulling a weed.

An achievement for renaming a Chao.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Sega Flipper

While not as robust as some of its peers, Sega Flipper still has solid, predictable physics that can lead to a relatively fun time despite the fairly simple presentation. The main neat thing is that the upper left portion of the screen is basically a smaller table within a table, which wasn't exactly a common feature of video pinball of the time.

It Takes Two - Get a X2 multiplier by lighting all of the upper right well lights

Third Times The Charm - Get a X3 multiplier

May The Fours Be With You - Get a X4 multiplier

Get Five, Feel Alive - Get the max X5 multiplier

Targets Dropped, Balls Topped - Drop all 7 Drop Targets to earn an Extra Ball. Nice!

Here's The Kicker - Hit the kicker hole on the right side of the table.

Trickier Kicker - Hit the kicker hole on the top left side of the table.

Unstable Bumper Thumper - Hit the unstable bumper in all 3 of its unique positions within 10 seconds.

Flipper Flop - Get 1,000 points

Flipper Fan - Get 10,000 points

Flipper Freak - Get 100,000 points

Big Bonus - Get a Bonus score worth of 10,000 points.

Flipper Fest - Hit every unique target in a single game session. That includes every bumper, every drain, every hole, and every spinner.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Intellivision Pinball

I've identified most of the relevant memory aside from a handful of specific targets. Hopefully whoever does this set can find the memory required to cover this whole theoretical outline.

Lower Table:

Every Dog Has His Day - Activate both kickbacks on the lower table by hitting the "cartoon animal" holes.

Goooooooold - Explore the Goldmine by hitting all the Tombstone drop targets and then finally hitting the red lantern. This gold ball multiplies all points earned from targets by 2!

Drop 'em & Bump 'em- Hit all 4 drop targets on the bottom table (not to be confused with the Tombstone targets); this makes the bumpers worth more points.

This Table is Mid - Activate both lights by hitting the upper drains to reveal a hole leading to the middle table!

Middle Table:

Stuck In The Middle With You - Make it to the middle table.

Reader Rabbit's Favorite Bonus - Spell PINBALL on the middle table.

World's Least Interesting Crane Game - Get a bonus by hitting the claw target 3 times in a single ball on the middle table (this also increases the value of the bumpers).

Prepare Uranus - Hit all 4 upper left drop targets on the middle table. This activates the moving target challenge. Good luck!

Uranus Destroyed - Hit the moving target on the middle table!

High Aspirations - Hit the 2 drop targets on the right side of the mid table to reveal the hole to the top table. Have fun up there!

Upper Table:

Tommy's Enlightenment - Climbed to the upper table. Great job!

I'm Seeing Red But I'm Feeling Free - Earn an extra ball on the upper table.

I'm Cashing Out - Hit the extra ball hole a second time to cash in your score bonus.

Going Nuclear - Hit the Uranium target on the top table.

Squirtle is the Best Starter - Reveal the Turtle by hitting the 4 middle red drop targets.

Slow and Steady - Get the turtle to its second position.

Not Teenage, Not Mutant, But a Turtle all the Same - Get the turtle to its third position.

Home Stretch - Get the turtle to its fourth position. Almost there!

Turtley Enough For the Turtle Club - Got the turtle all the way to the right, revealing the extra ball hole. Good job!

Feeling All Right - On the upper table, hit all the drop targets on the right.

Out Of Left Field - On the upper table, hit all the drop targets on the left.

Tippy Top - On the upper table, hit all the drop targets on the top.

Pretty in Pink - Hit all four pink targets on the top table.

Golden Child - With a max multiplier and a max bonus, cash out on the top table with a golden ball.

Universal Challenges:

Pinball Peasant - Earn 1000 points.

Pinball Apprentice - Earn 10,000 points

Pinball Wizard - Earn 100,000 points

Pinball Sorcerer Supreme - Earn 500,000 points

Max Multiplier - Get your multiplier to 5 (or 6, more research needed)

12 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12...12! You got your bonus up to 12. Sesame Street would be proud!

Max Bonus - Get your bonus to 30. Can you cash it in early on the top table?

We're Not Gonna Take It - Cause a TILT by bumping too much. Tommy would be ashamed!

Monday, March 13, 2023

Achievement Crafting: Cool Spot Gen/MD Revision

This will strongly resemble the SNES set after its done. This revision will not change any existing cheevos; it will just flesh it out with more standard progression cheevos. My revision plan is to:

A single achievement per bonus stage for 100% completion.

Achievement for collecting all continues (spelling UNCOLA).

Achievement for simple beating of levels on Normal or Difficult (as in it rewards for either, not that there's 2 separate cheevos per level [it simply excludes Easy]).

Achievement for beating the game on Normal and Difficult (would in fact be 2 separate cheevos, but beating on Difficult would stack with Normal).

Ultimate achievement for beating the game on Difficult without Continues and collecting all UNCOLA letters.

Collecting a collectible during the yawn animation (assuming I can find animation memory). This was just a novel idea that came to me by chance. I was letting the timer go down in a bonus stage, trying to locate the memory, when Spot yawned, and he collected a spot above him. Turns out they actually stretch his hit box during idle animations. I just thought it was funny, and since Spot's idle animations are so nice, I figured it's kind of a nice "highlight" achievement concept so people can appreciate the surprising amount of work that went into a licenced soda game.

Collecting enough spots in a row to get the big bonus (the one that goes "YEAH" at the end, which if you play in a particular rhythm is the same melody as McRock, the opening stage music in Virgin's Global Gladiators).

Using the level select code (0 pointer that will warn players that it locks progress of full completion cheevos).

I will protect against level select for the full completion cheevos, but otherwise allow it. It would be very tedious to get all the full completion bonus level cheevos without it.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Achievement Crafting: Crush Roller NGPC

A game from my childhood, I really enjoy it. I've actually already made leaderboards for it.

An achievement per stage for custom par times earned via the Trial mode. Note: you can only play a level in Trial mode if you've beaten it in the main mode. Should have leaderboards per stage for both score and time. More research needed for what an appropriate time challenge would be. Would likely have custom titles per stage to try and reference the layout, tricks, or just jokes or frustrations. Simply naming them "1-1" etc. is fine, but not as exciting. 1 point a piece, but can be adjusted depending on difficulty of the stage/par time. Alternatively, and perhaps much more simply, they could just for beating the stages in Trial mode: Trial mode forces single life completion, so it's a built-in no death challenge, albeit divvied out one at a time per stage. Some stages are real pains to beat deathless, so this may be just fine.

An achievement per stage (kind of) for collecting their respective Trickster. I would likely just name each achievement after the respective Trickster, and mention which level it can be caught in the cheevo description. The badge could be easy (just use their album art) or hard/fancy (use their album art with a "painted" border with their paw prints in the border, and their in-game sprites from every angle [up, down, left, and right] somewhere on the respective edge of the border). 1 point a piece, but consider 2 pointers for the handful of Tricksters that are 2 separate sprites.

A Relaxing Stroll - beat the game. 10

A Crushing Weight Lifted From My Shoulders - beat the game without continuing. 25

This Clock...Smells Like Cheese! - Beat the game within a certain in-game par time, which allows deaths and can be cheesed; just kind of a way to point it out but also still make it challenging. I'm thinking 5 minutes. More specifically, the game only tracks your best times and combines them in a run, and does not care about if you used a continue. So you could grind for a great time, move onto the next level, mess up somehow, kill yourself enough to continue, and the game still has your good time from the 1ast level and resets the timer to 0 for the second level. Continue that way until you beat the game with a low time. 10

This Clock...Smells Like Burnt Rubber! - Basically take the same challenge from above, but restrict the use of continues. 25

I Wanna Be The Very Best - Collect all Trickster entries and fill out the Trickster album. 10

What's Crushma? - Crush the maximum of 4 enemies at once (can only be done on final stage). 5

Monday, December 19, 2022

Achievement Crafting: Sonic's Edusoft Prototype

 mmmm - i think that you are too clever - Collect 100 star points. 10

Sonic's the name, Speed's my Game - With Sonic speed selected in the options, beat any event without triggering the countdown music. 10

cDonald's Theorem - Successfully finish any of the Maths challenges without missing an answer. 1

What does a Tiger have to do with Turtles and logs? - Successfully finish any of the Tiger challenges without missing an answer. 1

Hey There, Booboo - Successfully finish any of the Picnic challenges without missing an answer. 1

My Ship has Come in - Successfully finish any of the Boat challenges without missing an answer. 1

Since When was Sonic Weak to Fall Damage? - Successfully complete the trampoline minigame. 5

Was Carnival Night Zone in Town? - Successfully complete the balloon minigame with a score of at least 300. Avoid Gray Balloons! 5

Sonic Ain't Trippin' - Successfully complete the running minigame. 5

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Achievement Crafting: Gain Ground Sega Master System

This version has some pretty wild differences compared to its siblings. Right off the bat, you've got a title theme, something lacking from the Arcade and Genesis counterparts (there's other original music too, but it's mostly new arrangements of the System 24 original). Then, you've got the shift of less characters into something more akin to "classes," with 10 total. These classes are male if you're player 1, and female if you're player 2. They mirror the characters in the other versions aside from 2 standouts. The most obvious is the Ninja, a character class that has a bit in common with the fire warrior, but their caltrop traps last longer and cover more area (and obviously they look very different). The other is a tri-missile launcher class, which is kind of like Cyber from every other version who has a 5 missile spread attack, but instead there's only 3 missiles that are clustered close together and cause really good damage on bosses (Cyber was only really ever good for crowd control, and even then, he was so slow he was rarely actually useful). And you've also got obvious stuff like different level layouts and completely unique boss encounters in every Round [although Round 2's boss is somewhat similar, and Round 4's is very similar to the original's final boss, and Round 5's is somewhat similar to Round 4's from the Megadrive version, except they added missiles and made it about 100X harder). There's also a unique "era" in Round 5, which is like you're infiltrating the actual Gain Ground computer outside of the simulation, which is pretty cool on paper, but in practice isn't that much different from the "Near Future" theme of Round 4, which is the traditional final Round in the other versions.

Then something very subtle but important; the game allows you to skip to any stage you want within the first 3 rounds (but only within the respective round; if you advance from round 1 to round 2, you can no longer revisit stages from round 1, only round 2, and so on). This seems a little arbitrary at first; why wouldn't you just skip to later levels? Well, because that would mean you're not collecting any extra fighters, and once round 4 starts, you can no longer select the stage and the game continues as normal. In the same vein, you are allowed to replay levels within a round as many times as you like, which means you can farm fighters for as long as you like, which seems like it may trivialize the difficulty a bit, but keep in mind time overs still exist, so a poor player that grinds a bunch and then still fails to beat a boss level in time will still lose all of those farmed characters. Said timer is fairly strict.

I think in order to craft the best "balanced" set, I will reward a small achievement per level, so that players can't simply skip the beginning (outside of stage 10 per round, which are boss rounds). I may poll RA Discord and see if they'd rather these achievements be for no deaths, since the later levels themselves won't be protected against the level select code, but it's important to note that I believe the 4-10 and 5-10 bosses are literally impossible with no deaths, and even the world record speedrun dies plenty on them. With that in mind, there should also be a challenge cheevo for beating the game by skipping. Frankly, it's much harder to do that since you're only taking the weakest fighters into the last 2 rounds and 20 stages, and there's no more fighters to pick up there. With the limited continue system, it would still be quite tough to beat the game this way (which could definitely be a pretty fun challenge). The game's difficulty in general is on a crazy curve. The opening 3 bosses really aren't that big a deal, and with a bit of practice after recognizing their patterns, they can be easily beaten without losing any fighters/continues. However, Round 4 and 5's bosses are ridiculous, with homing missiles that as far as I can tell can't really be dodged with any amount of consistency. Round 4's boss is easier since it stays on a linear path, but the final boss in Round 5 runs around everywhere and shoots bullets and missiles and has a temporary weakpoint and is overall very difficult. It can be fairly easily beaten if you grind for fighters early in the game and just time your respawns with getting good damage in and abusing your i-frames, but beating it in a minimalist run would be very difficult. A no-continue run would be fairly easy with the grinding method, but practically impossible on a minimalist run (unless there's some sort of trick I'm overlooking on the round 4 and 5 bosses).

There is a [very easy] code [by holding Up + buttons 1 and 2 at the same time] that can allow the player to get a full set of all 10 fighters and then pick their Round and Stage, which would need to be protected against (easy enough; I've identified the memory flag for this screen, thankfully). Overall the game is both much easier or much harder than its counterparts, depending on how you play it, and I think that's the most interesting thing going for it.

Universal things to protect against: Demo mode (identified), 2 Player simultaneous play (I don't mind if a player wants to play as either Player 1 or 2 fact, I encourage it with a couple achievements) (partially identified; I've found the location for both Player 1 and 2's active character, but not a universal indicator to use that shows they're both simultaneously active [unfortunately 00 is both the default "nothing" state as well as the state for playing as the Spear class, so I can't simply rely on that; I will try and track down score, and make it so that if both are active it disables achievements {if I can't find anything better}]).

Things to sometimes protect against: Special mode (identified)

Stage Achievements (none protected against level select nor Special Mode):

Baby Steps - Round 1-1 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-2 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-3 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-4 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-5 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-6 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-7 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-8 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 1-9 completed. 1

The Hopping Mad Demon - Round 1-10 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-1 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-2 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-3 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-4 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-5 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-6 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-7 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-8 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 2-9 completed. 1

Wizards & Warrior - Round 2-10 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-1 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-2 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-3 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-4 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-5 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-6 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-7 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-8 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 3-9 completed. 1

Tanks For The Memories - Round 3-10 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-1 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-2 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-3 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-4 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-5 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-6 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-7 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-8 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 4-9 completed. 1

Metal Fear - Round 4-10 completed. 1

Enter the Matrix - Round 5-1 completed. 2

Placeholder - Round 5-2 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-3 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-4 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-5 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-6 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-7 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-8 completed. 1

Placeholder - Round 5-9 completed. 1

Bullet Hell - Round 5-10 completed. 2

Round Achievements (protected against Special Mode, but not stage select):

Placeholder - * Round 1 The Primitive Age conquered. 1

Placeholder - * Round 2 The Middle Ages conquered. 1

Placeholder - * Round 3 The Modern Age conquered. 1

Placeholder - * Round 4 The Near Future conquered. 5

Placeholder - * Round 5 Gain Ground, The Final Era conquered. Congrats, you've conquered the Gain Ground system and restored peace. 10

Completion Achievements (protected against Special Mode):

Not to be Continued - * You conquered Gain Ground without using any continues. Great job! (Hint: you can replay a stage as many times as you like) 25

3 Guys Enter, 3 <= Guys Leave - * You conquered Gain Ground without saving a single survivor, even your own wounded. Impressive! (Hint: you don't have to beat every stage in Round 1-3) Continues allowed. 50

Character Challenges (not protected against anything, since they'll already be protected against any other character + death state):

Green Demon Challenge - You beat the Primitive Age Boss with only the Spear fighter without losing any fighters. 5

Bringing a Gun to a Magic Knife Fight - You beat the Middle Ages Boss with only the Gun fighter without losing any fighters. 5

Double Visions of Vulcan Raven - You beat the Modern Age Boss with only the Bomber fighter without losing any fighters. 5

Think of the Children! - You beat the Modern Age Boss with only the Archer fighter without losing any fighters AND you didn't destroy any of the small robots. 10

Placeholder - Something with Ninja

Placeholder - Something with Boomerang

But Their Soul Still Burns - As the Flamethrower fighter, defeat an enemy with your flamethrower attack AFTER being killed. 1

Dare you Enter my Magical Realm? - Something with Water Wizard

Placeholder - Something with Missile

Placeholder - Something with Tri-Missile

Other Achievements:

Glitch in the Matrix - You activated Special Mode (WARNING: this will disable certain achievements [they will be marked with * in their description]). To enter Special Mode, hold Up, then press buttons 1 and 2 at the same time. 0

Band of Brothers - * You collected at least 1 of every fighter as Player 1. 5

Femme Fatales - * You collected at least 1 of every fighter as Player 2. 5

A specific No-Kill get all 10 fighters across the exit challenge.

Clone Wars - * Collect 5 Missile fighters in a single game. 1

Bad Batch - * Collect 5 Tri-Missile fighters in a single game. 1

Never Leave a Soldier Behind! - * Rescue any fighter. 1

Sometimes Leave a Soldier Behind... - * Experience a time over where at least one fighter crossed the Exit. 1

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Achievement Crafting: Bouncers

From Down Town - Score a natural 3 Pointer w/no powerups. 3

Powerups per type 1
Ugh, I Hate Worms! - Watch Ugh's Cartoon.
Fu fu on you - Watch Fu's Cartoon.
Tank's for Watching - Watch Tank's Cartoon.
He Murdered a Child - Watch Zap's Cartoon.
I Thought Basketballs Could Float - Watch Chip's Cartoon.
A Dash of Stupidity - Watch Dash's Cartoon.
OMG GOG LOL DTF UFO - Watch Gog's Cartoon.
I'd Rather Play as That old Ball - Watch Spike's Cartoon.
A True Connoisseur - Watch every Cartoon in one session. 1
Bouncers Bounced - Win a Tournament on the hardest difficulty with short quarters.
Ugh Only, no Items, Final Destination -