Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Dream Diary

I have dreams fairly regularly. They usually revolve around survival. I have zombie dreams frequently, as well as 'disaster' dreams, involving some sort of natural disaster (floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteors, volcanoes...strangely, never blizzards or alien invasions). I have dreams about running away from murders pretty often, too.

As for the random 'normal' dreams...I have dreams in which I loose permanent teeth. Also, I have the occasional school dream where I have forgotten: pants, homework, my locker combination, my locker, my gym clothes, my car (!?), my wallet. I also deal with the occasional "doubles" dream, where I find myself inexplicably surrounded by multiple identical entities (usually pets). I typically freak out while everybody else in my dream acts like it's totally normal; "We've always had two Blackies, idiot!"

I am very rarely woke up from a dream via death in said dream. I usually just wake up because of my alarm, mid-dream. Typically my dreams will start out fairly mundane, but shift to survival mode...rarely, the opposite happens.

I also have flying dreams, but I hate them. I'm never in control of it, and usually I just float up and up and up forever and ever. For some reason, 'swimming' logic usually works for a little while (I float when my breath is held, but descend when I exhale).

Interesting imagery:

A zombie wet nurse nursing a zombie baby.

A naked lady with babies attached/clinging to her back, eating away at her flesh (like a spider).

Survived a terrible flood, treading water outside of a hotel in a city, only to have a meteor impact nearby shortly thereafter, filling the sky with a red glow. I woke up sweating.

Parachuting into a sectioned off "zombie camp" where some of my friends had been trapped.

Waiting inside a church closet, waiting for a murderer to pass by.

Will update with random tidbits for my own reference.

Dreamers dreaming dreams dreamily.

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