Sunday, June 14, 2009


Puyo Pop is in my personal opinion the BEST competitive puzzler ever. After all, it was designed to be a competitive game from the beginning. Puyo Pop is one of the rare puzzlers where the standard "last as long as you can before you finally mess up and die" mode ISN'T the main mode, instead opting for a one vs one mode against the computer, so that tells you something.

Imagine...Xbox Live Puyo Pop multiplayer...I'm practically sweating just thinking about it. The adrenaline rush accompanied by intense battles would only be intensified (for me at least) while playing complete strangers. The only thing it has going against it is the potential for lag...but in these days of broadband hopefully that wouldn't be a problem.

Potential Achievements:
OWNED: Destroy your opponent by dropping enough trash puyos that they can't make a move
Turnaround: Make a nice comeback
That Wasn't Too Bad: Beat the game
THIS GAME CHEATS: Beat the game on hard mode
Pop: Win 10 ranked matches
Carbuncle Would be Proud: Win 100 ranked matches
Diversity: Unlock all characters
Child's Play: Get a 2X combo
No Problemo: Get a 4X combo
Seriously High: Get a High Score in Endless mode
All Clear: Get an all clear after having more than half the screen full of puyo

Puyo Pop is just so perfectly suited for an XBLA release, I have trouble imagining why it hasn't happened already...except that Puyo Pop Fever is available as an Xbox Original title on the Japanese Xbox Marketplace. *sigh*

DRMBM and KA are just cool posers.

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