Sunday, June 14, 2009

GTN2BOXBLA: Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online NEEDS to be on XBLA. A few things would need to be cut in order to make it cost effective, namely, no dedicated servers. Still, a modified version of the splitscreen would suffice, allowing players to act as their own server instead of relying on an outside source.. PSO to me is the perfect modern day reinvention of games like Gauntlet. A 4 player extravaganza where you kill tons of monsters and level up. Obviously it's a bit more RPG than Gauntlet, what with all the collecting rare loot, different weapons, etc. but it still fits the basic Gauntlet formula pretty certainly plays more like Gauntlet than it does the original Phantasy Star or modern MMO.

I'd expect all the content from Episode 2 and Blue Burst/Episode 4 to be available, either initially or as DLC, whatever. Maybe even Episode 3...but that's really so altogether different it would be better as a separate release altogether...altogether.

PSO is one of my personal favorite Dreamcast games, and I think everyone should experience its greatness. PSU just doesn't live up to PSO (even though it isn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination).

Potential Achievements:
Shiny: Acquire a rare weapon
Gotchatoma: Level up a Mag to 50
Halfway There: Level up a Character to 100
Too Much Time on my Hands: Level up a Character to 200
I AM ULTIMATE: Beat the game on Ultra Mode
No Friends: Beat every boss by yourself
Completionist: Complete all side missions
HUgs: Play in a party made up of all HUs
Little RAscals: Play in a party made up of all RAs
This is FOn: Play in a party made up of all FOs
Kill All HUmans: Play in a party made up of all Androids
Multi-Cultural: Play in a party made up of one HU, one RA, one FO, and an Android

On a game like PSO, you're either limited by incredibly time consuming/hard achievements, or nothing but run of the mill progression achievements. To compensate, I figured going 50/50 with easy achievements and hard achievements would be a big intensive to most people.

I like playing a HUcast, Red and White like a Dreamcast.

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