Sunday, May 01, 2005

Uber Update!!!

In the spirit of space-saving, I'm going to combine an older post with this one:


So me and some of my friends (one of them being Logan of the infamous To'N blog) were going to go see Jon Heder give a free lecture/q&a at SIU in Carbondale. Well, when we got there the line was huge, but we managed to cut thanks to a friend of mine. It didn't matter though, because they shut the doors about 50 people ahead of us because they were beyond capacity. I caught up with my church league basketball coach who also arrived too late to get in. Little did I know we were about to embark on a wonderful quest: to get in to see Jon Heder. We went ahead and looked for other entrances, with a friend (Brice) nearly getting in a couple of times. We met up with a couple of strangers who go to SIU, and apparently knew their way around the place. So I, Logan, Brice, Katrina, Spencer (Coach), and a Couple O' Strangers went looking for an underground entrance. We came upon a couple of manholes, both of which were sealed real good...but right about the time we all gave up any hopes of seeing Jon Heder, we found a manhole that we could actually was under a bush. The strangers descended first, with Brice going next. Then Katrina, then Logan, and finally me. Spencer stayed behind, just in case the strangers were also murderers/homosexuals. We found ourselves following these strangers through a labyrinth of cramped tunnels and passageways. Me, being the tall, 6'6" guy with a huge 'fro that I am had to duck most of the way. All the while, the stranger we nicknamed "Hippie," for his long hair, was constantly making that shshshsh wawawawa noise from the Jason movies. I found some ancient remains of what appeared to be a school desk, and we even saw some janitors playing cards/getting high. We ignored them. So we eventually found our way to a room, a room with a door. One of the strangers, not Hippie, but the other so called "Weirdo" tried to open it...but it was locked. Instead of turning back and giving up, we continued, hoping against hope we would find another door. After about 20 minutes of walking, we found one. One of the strangers told us to stop and shut up...he heard a noise. Whilst we were waiting, Brice took a picture of me, Logan, and Katrina in the's pretty sweet, and I'll post it if I get the chance. So after a while of waiting, we continued on our way, finally coming across another door. This one, however, wasn't locked. Oh no, quite the opposite. We found that the door was, in fact, unlocked, so we opened it and went inside. We were all pretty excited, expecting to see Jon any moment now. We went up some stairs and discovered a window that, when peered through, revealed that we were not in the auditorium we needed to be in. By then it didn't matter though. We had had an adventure, and were very proud of ourselves. We said bye to the strangers, and Logan drove me back to Marion where we stopped at Sonic and said hey to Dustin, aka slacker8, who, by the way, very much needs to make a blog about his adventures at Taco Bell (right next door to Sonic). Logan drove me home, and I said bye to him, Brice, and Katrina. They were on their way back to Harrisburg, for it is their hometown. My flash drive is still broke.

I edited this in the SIU Finance classroom during a CISCO fieldtrip...

Here's the original comments:

Blogger Vietnam War Hero said...

Yeah, that's about right. Except that Hippie and Wierdo were from a snuff film. They just decided that they wanted to keep their lives when I took off my coat and they saw my hugemongous guns (by guns I mean arms) that I got from beating up guys from snuff films. Other than that, Ryan's telling the truth.

12:46 AM
Blogger Vietnam War Hero said...

And Brice is spelled with an "i".

12:48 AM
Blogger Lynne said...

Please post some of your art work -- like your self portrait.

7:06 PM

I've got a PICTURE!!! A special PICTURE!!! A PICTURE I've mentioned before!!! It's the picture from UNDER SIU!!! Brice's cell phone sucks, by the way. I had to send it to my mom's phone, and from there to my email. I'm ducking in this picture; otherwise, my head would have hit the top of the a lot. I was slouched the entire time, and it was quite uncomfortable. Well, here it is! Hopefully, I'll have those note/questions from the contest in my next update!
Image hosted by
Brice isn't in the shot, as he was the one taking the picture...that's Logan on the left, me in the middle (DUH), and Katrina on the right, and a steam pipe behind all of if you couldn't have guessed all of that anyway...


Good thing I'm not a terrorist!


Vietnam War Hero said...

you misspelled brice again, dork

AfroRyan said...

No I didn''re lying, shut up!