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So 2ch did this thing where they posted all of their favorite music from videogames. Being the anonymous Japanese imageboard that it is, it tended to have a bunch of music from...*ahem*..."visual novels" (ie porn games), but that's not to say the music isn't any good.

However, realizing how super classy us Westerners are, Mr. Kurt Kalata (Discoalucard) of Hardcore Gaming 101 decided that the members of the HG101 forum should post their favorite videogame music, with their highly refined, Western tastes.

So basically, instead of "random porn game song number 2" and "random sugary song from a dime-a-dozen shooter" and "awesome strategy rpg from the 90s not localized anywhere but japan song that is totally great"and "Final Fantasy," we'll have "random western PC rpg song number 3" and "random action music from 1993 shooter" and "text heavy point and click adventure game that was inconceivably translated into every language known to man for who knows what reason title theme song," and "Final Fantasy."

Also Megaman.

Anyways, being the amazingly high profile member that I am on the forum (don't be jealous, I've been there since the first day the forum opened on March 19 of 2006. It takes a strong online personality like myself to be so dedicated as to make 56 posts over the course of 5 and a half years), I have posted my top 100 songs in an attempt to expose the best music of the medium.

Actually I just posted the most obscure stuff that I could think of that still manages to be really good, but that also resonates with me personally, virtually guaranteeing that no more than 10 songs from my list of 100 will be on the overall list.

So I thought I'd just copypaste my stuff over from the site, just to post what stuff that inevitably won't make the cut for posterity's sake. Enjoy it people.



Let it be known that I could have made a list with 1000+ songs fairly easily, since my 60GB iPod has about 45GB worth of videogame music. It was pretty difficult making a list of only 100 songs.

I have tried my best to include songs from some of my favorite, more obscure games. On the flipside, I've tried to include some obscure songs from mainstream games...although that's tough in some games since their entire soundtrack is so memorable (Mario, Sonic, etc.). I've also posted some songs that are special to me, even though I know they're not particularly good (like Sonic 2's Hidden Palace music, which was magical the first time I played it in the Sonic 2 beta rom). I realize that most of the more obscure songs I posted probably won't make the list, since I'm the only one posting them...but it's the thought that counts.

I felt compelled to include my favorite music from every Halo game since I feel it (Halo in general) gets a bad rap in hardcore gaming circles. I assume that a good amount of Halo naysayers have never given Halo's music any time at all past its main theme.

I wanted to include Kazumi Totaka's song that he's hidden in so many Nintendo games, but realized that that's difficult's hidden, and isn't actually exclusive to one game or series. I decided to go ahead and post the only game in which it appears 'officially,' Animal crossing, even though it's still technically secret in that the player HAS to request it, and it is never sung randomly.

I kind of cheated with Banjo Kazooie. It has such amazing music throughout, it's hard to pick just one piece...however, BKN&B has a level that's a mishmash of references to Banjo 1 and 2, with an amazing orchestrated medley of past tunes.

There aren't any Youtube videos of music from Cosmic Spacehead or Gadget Twins...there are gameplay videos though, so I posted relevant links to the levels in which my favorite music appears. Ignore the sound effects.

There's a few flash games on the list. In some cases, there's audio available on youtube, in other cases, there's audio on newgrounds, and in others, you just have to play the game (although my favorites tend to be the first level's music, so it's not that big a deal if you want to preview it).

The Dead Island Trailer music is a strange beast in that the music wasn't in the game, but the music for the trailer was written specifically for Dead Island['s trailer]. For me, that still makes it videogame music, since it wouldn't exist without videogames.

I realize Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is a carbon copy of Puyo Puyo, but I really REALLY like its awesome remixes (so much more bass heavy).

And yes, I know Sonic R has hokey music...but I like it, ok?

Top 5:

Chuck Rock 2 Genesis, Dippy the Dinosaur,
Chuck Rock, Title Theme,
Gain Ground, Origin ~Awaken~,
Wiz N Liz, Name Entry,
ilomilo, "red, green and blue doodles",

The Rest:

Aladdin Genesis, The Desert,
Animal Crossing, K. K. Song,
Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Banjo Land,
Beyond Good and Evil, Home Sweet Home,
Beyond Good and Evil, Hylian Sweet,
Bionic Commando Rearmed, Killt's Hidden Treasure,
BlazBlue, Cactus Carnival,
BMX Airmaster, Main Theme,
Bomboozle 2, Main Theme,
Castlevania, Out of Time,
Cave Story, On to Grasstown,
Chibi Robo, Night Play,
Chu Chu Rocket, Credits,
Columns, Clotho,
Command & Conquer, C&C Thang,
Comix Zone, Night of the Mutants,
Conker's Bad Fur Day, Pooland,
Cool Spot, Wall Tune,
Cosmic Spacehead, Dark Forest,
Cubivore, Theme 1,
Dead Island, Trailer Music,
Decap Attack, Stage 2,
Deus Ex Human Revolution, Icarus,
Domino Rally, Step 2,
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Exercise,
Earthbound, Giygas is Wounded,
Earthworm Jim 2, Anything but Tangerines,
Escape From Puppy Death Factory, Missile Silo,
Fantastic Dizzy, Treehouse,
Fantasy Zone, Opa! Opa!,
Fishbane, Early Levels Theme,
Gadget Twins, Gadget Bay,
Gitaroo Man Lives, Toda PasiĆ²n,
Global Gladiators, McRock,
Halo, Lost Song,
Halo 2, Peril,
Halo 3 ODST, Light at the End,
Halo 3, Never Forget,
Halo Reach, Overture,
Halo Wars, All Sloppy No Joe,
Halo Wars, Spirit of Fire,
Ico, Heal,
Jet Grind Radio, Sneakman,
Jet Set Radio Future, Funky Dealer,
K.O.L.M., Counting Down the Hours,
Knuckles Choatix, Door Into Summer,
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Astral Observatory,
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Song of Healing,
Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, Minish Village,
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Title Theme,
Lode Runner XBLA, Volcanic Stages,
Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion Theme,
Marathon, Flippant,
Mass Effect, The Wards,
Metal Gear, Theme of Tara,
Mirror's Edge, Still Alive,
Mother, Introduction,
Mother 3, 16 Melodies,
Myth, The Siege of Madrigal,
Outrun, Magical Sound Shower,
Panzer Dragoon, Flight,
Perfect Dark, Menu Screen,
Phantasy Star Online, For Eternal Story,
Pikmin, Forest of Hope,
Popful Mail, Forest Level,
Puzzle Bobble 2, World 2,
Ristar, Ice Scream,
Rocket Knight Adventures, Stage 2-1,
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Vs Nega Scott,
Shadow of the Colossus, Prologue to the Ancient World,
Socket, High Speed Area,
Sonic 3D Blast Genesis, Rusty Ruin Zone,
Sonic Advance, Cosmic Angle Zone,
Sonic and Knuckles, Lave Reef Zone,
Sonic CD PAL/JAP, Collision Chaos Present,
Sonic CD US, Stardust Speedway Present,
Sonic R, Super Sonic Racing,
Sonic Rush, "Right There, Right On",
Sonic the Hedgehog, Labyrinth Zone,
Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Hidden Palace Zone,
Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Hydrocity Zone,
Space Harrier, Main Theme,
Sparkster Genesis, Level 1 theme,
Street Fighter 3, Alex's Theme,
Super Bomberman, Level 1,
Super Mario Land 2, Star Maze,
Tails Adventure, Poloy Forest,
The Secret of Monkey Island, Main theme,
ToeJam & Earl, Funkotronic Beat,
Toejam and Earl Panic on Funkotron, Ode to Sharla,
Tower of Heaven, Indignant Divinity,
Umjammer Lammy, Fire! Fire!,
Vapor Trail/Kuuga, Stage 1 theme,
Wiz N Liz, Ending Theme,
Zero Wing, Natols,

-End of HG101 Post-

So yeah. I realize that to me and some other random superfans of random things like Chuck Rock or Tommy Tallarico and games by vik tokai and indie flash games, these songs are precious and much so that we forget that we're actually in a very small minority, even amongst hardcore gamers. So sure, my favorite Sonic music will probably get on the list, and yeah, Astral Observatory already made the list, but this post is to try and justify my entries for Escape From Puppy Death Factory, for Wiz n Liz, for Rocket Knight Adventures, and for many more tragically overlooked games and soundtracks. So please, don't assume that I picked the most obscure stuff I could find (minus Halo and Sonic and whatever) for the sake of being obscure or for being hipster or whatever. I posted them because they're good. They're great. Listen to them. If you like what you hear, do yourself a favor and listen to MORE music from those games. You won't be disappointed.

Unless it's BMX Airmaster. It doesn't really have any more music...just a couple jingles.

Sarcasm Mode: ON

OH! And I posted the soundtracks to ilomilo and Lode Runner XBLA myself on Youtube. Check them out!

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