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Vidya Reviews: Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

This Episode of Vidya Reviews Brought to you in part by: My RvB account circa June 29, 2005

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Arguably (VERY arguably) the best 3D fighter in existence, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (VF4:E, for short) is so deep, it makes the Marianas trench seem somewhat less deep. Unlike certain other 3D brawlers, VF4:E's characters all play totally different, having completely different timing, combos, counters, etc. VF4:E is no button masher.

VF4:E's character customization, though simple, allows you to change your character in so many ways, that the chances of you finding another player with the exact same appearance are VERY slim. For example, I play a Kage (Only I named him Cage), the typical ninja character with the typical ninja appearance...except I gave him army colors, night vision goggles, an awesome haircut, some katanas, some ninja stars, and sometimes a bunny of shame. I find it somewhat humorous to see how many other fighters are totally ripping off this feature, and they STILL aren't as good.

VF4:E's arcade mode is cool, sure, but the quest mode is WHERE IT'S AT! You fight at different arcades around the map, and you fight against AI's based on the best VF4 players ever. It's really fun to take on AI, even if they eventually kick your arse every 9/10 fights. Again, I find it funny how many 3D fighters are starting to copy this mode (not quest, but AI based on real people).

V4F:E's chock full of unlockables, not that it matters much, as the game is so fun, you would continue playing it regardless. There's Levels to be unlocked, costumes, and a lone secret character that any Virtua Fighter fan would already know (hint: it's Dural). Mix this all in with a special edition version of Virtua Fighter 1, and you've got plenty to keep the hardcore game inside happy.

It is very hard to find any fault within VF4:E. The graphics are superb, the music is fitting (if somewhat annoying), and load times virtually (HA) non-existent. The only draw back I can find is that there is no way a n00b 10th kyu fighter is going to win against some 9th Dan, and I mean NO WAY. Personally, I find that a good quality, but I can see where that could be a turn off to a newcomer expecting to climb the ladder quickly. However, a fight between to seasoned fighters can be very rewarding. It's like a battle against the very Gods themselves! Just make sure you have someone else playing about as good as you.

I would give VF4:EVO a 10/10, but then again, I'm shallow. But the $20 price tag is too good to ignore. It blows me away to think that some people out there like Tek...never mind, I'd rather not start a flame war. Other 3D fighters are special in their own way.

You can believe me when I say I could make this review an in depth research paper. I COULD write about each individual characters pros and cons, or each levels special attributes, but I won't. I'll leave that to the readers (of which, I know are VERY small, like literally 1 person).

Next up on the Review list, Lumines. A puzzle game so incredibly awesome, you may want to slit your wrists right now!

Picking up Meteos later today.

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