Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm thinking about restructuring the blog, not only in style but in content. Rest assured I'm not going to change my particular style of fact...I may add more ellipses than ever before...but be that as it may I'm thinking that I want to take the blog in a more 'professional' direction. Basically, I just want to see if I can write on a level that is entertaining to my target audience a.k.a. sarcastic videogame geeks who think they know everything about games a.k.a you a.k.a. me. I don't care if my articles come across as rambling, incoherent, or incomprehensible to people who don't know Mario from Sonic. I don't even care to pander to people who think they know everything about the industry but then feel betrayed when Final Fantasy is announced as a non exclusive. In fact, let me just say that if you have ever attributed the Crash franchise to Sony, Bomberman to Nintendo, or Pac Man to Atari, you don't belong here. Get out of here...go on...scoot. Come back when you're oldered.

So, starting next Monday I'm going to try to do a daily post again...only this time it won't be about me (probably), it will be solely dedicated to videogames. I'm going to continue updating my "Games That NEED to be on XBLA" articles, expanding on them even further by adding a genuine list of potential achievements per game, just to put emphasis on how much they NEED to be there. I'll start doing some reviews on games that I'm playing (I'll move over my older ones from RvB for grins and giggles), and don't think that necessarily means I won't randomly review old games from the 80's. I'll update with my thoughts on news I find relevant in the industry, or simply tickles my fancy. I might update on some of my personal game ideas/scenarios I'm working on, but that probably won't happen until I fully grasp the XNA language. I may even start running contests for my favorite XBLA games for, what else, XBLA games...or maybe M$ points, whatever.

I'd get started on this big turn around sooner, but I'm pretty danged busy this weekend...and hopefully I'll actually start next week (I haven't got my work schedule yet). If things continue like they have, I won't have any work next week so I think we'll be okay. I'm considering this as my next big 'project.' Let's hope something comes out of it.

Alright, 180 time. I TOTALLY beat everyone at Sonic may say that "I have no life," or that "hardly anyone was playing when it came out at around 3 a.m. central time," to which I say SHUT UP I WON! For some inexplicable reason, I dropped down to 9th place on the leaderboard, but I've got proof that I was the first:
I also got all 12 achievements before anyone else, so SUCK IT!

Also, yeah, I used the bird trick, wanna fight about it?

Plus I got all the achievements in Gunstar Heroes and Comix Zone, and all but 1 in Shinobi. I only have one in Phantasy Star II, but it's a pretty long game so give me a while. Screw Altered Beast though...'cept it's rocking soundtrack.

Rise From Your Grave!


The Articulated One said...

Dare I say I've had much influence on this one?

After reading some stuff, I'm thoroughly enjoying your writing style, and would love to see more content. Who knew this beautiful beast was hidden under all that hair.

And you know what, I might even have a job for you at MY site.

Keep up the good work (and the blog too).

-Corey T. (TAO)

The Articulated One said...

And by influence, I meant your "professional move".

I'm already boosting your comment count.

AfroRyan said...

Actually, I've had an adsense account for quite a while...and I finally thought I could make some money off the site since I'm not getting any other work. I had thought about it before but was always so busy with school. That is no longer a problem.