Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GTN2BOXBLA: Cosmic Spacehead

Cosmic Spacehead is a game near and dear to my heart. I used to play it all the time as a kid, and practically have the first 3 hours of the game memorized (i.e. the whole game). Cosmic Spacehead is a hybrid point-and-click adventure/platformer/racing game. The main game consists of the point-and-click stuff, following all the standard rules of the genre (Observe problem, get item, fix problem, repeat). The platforming sections make up the rest of the game, where the player has to deal with Cosmic's ridiculously short jumping ability. It's challenging, but never unfair. The racing segment is basically a retooled micromachines, which makes sense since it's by the same developer (CodeMasters).

It's beautiful considering its limitations; the original Genesis version came out in 1990, and yet manages to have vibrant colors, original character and level design, and even has a pretty catchy (albeit limited) soundtrack.

The game also came with a built in "pie-slap" minigame, which was really just a Combat rip-off...but it was fun anyways...so yeah, online multiplayer lol.

Potential Achievements:
Freebird - Send the Cyclops on a grand journey
HOW MUCH!? - Obtain the color camera
Jackpot - Get a jackpot on the fruit machine
Number 1 - Win the Bumper Car Races
Extra Man - Collect 10 candies
No Mans - Complete a platforming section without dying
Surf's Up - Complete the surfing section
Slap! - Win a game of Pie Slap
They Exist - Complete the game
Completionist - Hear the majority of the dialogue
Baby Fark McGee-zax - Collect all the space bucks
Old School - Black and White even

Considering the increasing popularity in the thought-to-be-dead point-and-click genre, I'd say Cosmic Spacehead would do a good job carving its own niche in the niche genre. It's one thing to drive a car and play a mini game in Sam and Max...it's another for half the game to be a platformer.

Of course the South Park reference would have to go...

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Ryan Ferneau said...

I prefer the achievements that you aren't guaranteed to get on every full playthrough. A "double digits" achievement for collecting enough candies to have 10 or more lives at once could be a good one. An "Item hoarder" achievement could be interesting too: Finish the game with as much in your inventory as possible. That would mean solving every puzzle, keeping your platform items with you upon returning to the gas pump, maxing out your money before leaving Linoleum, and even collecting duplicates of certain objects after using the originals to solve a problem.