Sunday, June 14, 2009

GTN2BOXBLA: Chu Chu Rocket

Chu Chu Rocket is a great game; arguably the best puzzler on the Dreamcast (and GBA). It is perfectly suited for XBLA; Simple yet addictive gameplay, fun multiplayer, sweet and simple map editor, blablabla. The only thing it has against it is an obvious leaderboard function...but why not just total up the number of puzzles completed and that be your score? THERE. DONE. Of course, a multiplayer learderboard for the total mice banked would be pretty straightforward. Beyond that, the game just deserves some recognition...for crying out loud, it's pretty much the only good game (not counting PSO or Samba) that Sonic Team has made in the past 10 years.

Potential Achievements:
Easy as Pie: Clear all Normal Boards
Piece of Cake: Clear all Hard Boards
Hard as Granite: Clear all Special Boards
Hard as Diamond: Clear all Mania Boards
Land of the Rising Chu: Clear all Japanese Boards
We Call it "Squeak Squeak Blastoff": Clear all Europe Boards
Rocket's Red Glare: Clear all USA Boards
I beat Chu: Come in 1st place in a ranked online match
The Pit: Kill a Kapu Kapu by having him drop down the hole left behind by the rocket
Eureka: Publish your own map
Candy From Strangers: Play a stranger's published map
Check This Out: Play a friend's published map

Squeak Squeak Missle

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