Monday, November 24, 2008

Dog in my lap

I started a twitter account appeals directly to my ocd nature.

Today's installment of "Games that NEED to be on XBLA" is none other than Gunstar Heroes. With the announcement of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and the reveal that there's (apparently) no online play, it makes one wonder if Sega is planning on releasing the Genesis' best co-op games separately. Notably missing from the list were the likes of Gunstar Heroes, along with Toejam and Earl (which I'll save for another time). This leaves two possibilities...the aforementioned "planned separate release," or that the games are simply unlockable...regardless of which is true, neither possibility is disappointing. On one hand you have a stellar collection of games missing a few noteworthy gems in order to make those gems sparkle later down the road, and on the other you have that same stellar collection made I guess there's always the third possibility; they will never ever be released again...but that's too depressing to even consider.

Gunstar Heroes is a standout game for many reasons. First and foremost is that it is simply an awesome shmup action game. Secondly, it's arguably more fun with a partner (it's certainly not less fun), making it the perfect online co-op game. I already know of how awesome it is to play Gunstar Heroes online; Kaillera is awesome.

The added benefit of achievements and leaderboards only sweetens the already awesome package.

In other news, I have to work a full shift Wednesday, [Black] Friday, and Saturday. Wonderful. If I wanted to piss a lot of people off by quitting, now would be the time...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

DC better be f'ing grateful

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