Sunday, June 14, 2009


Requisite Yearly Post

A Short Story: The Death of Mickey

Top 10 Comedies

Random Dream Diary

The Accursed Instrument: A Poem


Some Updates

Youtube Update

Lil Update

I actually had a bad infection; that's why I stayed so sick for so long

I threw up while I was sick

And I stayed sick

I got sick

I end all my posts with -AfroRyan followed by a stupid remark

Lazy Post, but I promoted World of Goo so it's K

I started cleaning


The day after Black Friday at Gamestop is just as bad as Black Friday

I hate black Friday...does that make me racist?

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks...and posting blogs

I get a twitter and the world is better for it

Punnery is so funnery

I make a short post from my PSP here

Keeping a schedule on the internet is a futile effort here

I was on HBO again here

I was in a Diet Coke and Mentos movie here

I make it on the front page of HBO again. That always makes me happy.

I talk about a trip to Nashville here. I also mention my RvB account again, which I barely updated afterwards lol.

I post a picture of a guy who took my picture here. I also post a prom picture.

I make a photo comic based on true life events here. I think it holds up well.

I promote my reviews at RvB here, of course, you can see them all here as well

An animated gif of 2D that I never finished

Despite being a sprite comic, I still think this Halo 2 strip is pretty funny/accurate

I barely talk about Gorillaz 2nd album, Halo 2, PSOBB, and my friend Dustyn here

I get caught writing in my blog here

I talk about school almost being over and accurately predict college

I talk a bit more about the programing contest here

I talk about trying to break into SIU to see Jon Heder here

I barely talk about Halo 2, school, and prom here

I barely talk about hating school here

I talk about Go Ape energy drink and a computer programming contest here

I talk about Firefox and making fun of a retarded kid for not knowing what an SNES was here

I talk about the Macoromedia/Adobe merger and Halo 2 here

I talk about my dad's hair and a texan here

I'm happy to make it on the front page of HBO and MSP here

Because I'm too lazy to maintain 2 separate blogs about vidya and myself.

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