Monday, November 21, 2005

After quite the hiatus...

I'm back to say...that it will probably be another long hiatus before I post again. Finals are coming up, the 360 is coming out, and I'm going in...sane. If you ever check my RvB account, you may have noticed that I've acquired quite a bit of videogames over the past few weeks. I've got a few more, and I'll update over there (I'll keep 'em separate, this one for personal stuff, that one for videogame related stuff). That said, since most of my life revolves around playing, reading about, studying, or thinking about videogames, don't expect too much unless I go on some awesome trip...which is why I'm making another post.

I went over to Nashville (Tennessee) over the past couple of weekends, the first for fun, the second for a concert. I've come to the conclusion that everyone over there is a racist. White folks, black folks, doesn't matter, ALL RACIST. First off, this all happened in the Opri Mills Mall (I may have mispelled that, and I honestly don't give a shite).

I had this "Anime Geek" come over and start talking to me; I guess he felt compelled to being that, I too, was in the anime section, no doubt looking for Inuyasha: Volume Awesome (I was actually looking for Batman: Animated Series Volume Three). With all the awkward social skills he could muster, he basically tried to ask me if black people resented the fact that I have an afro. He actually put it more like this "if you the people there...umm...would they like ask you to not wear your hair like that?" After that grand statement, I realized that he must think that my hair was a perm, because you don't usually say "wear your hair" when you think it's natural (and it is) [That was a horrible sentence]. I casually told him it was natural, and that people from both sides, that is, white and black, do resent the fact that I have a huge afro, but are rarely so bold as to tell me directly. Then I bought the first volume of Pete and Pete and got the heck out of there.

Like I said before, I probably won't update unless something cool happens, so check out my Red Vs Blue account instead if you want a more up-to-date view into my life.

Until next time...

AfroRyan - AFRORyan

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