Friday, June 10, 2005


Their new album Demon Days = teh hawtn3ss, so go get it now! Anyways, I got caught at work in the middle of writing my last entry, so I just published what I had and left it that way, and since I can't remember what I was writing about, It's gonna stay the way it is. Still playin' Halo 2. Also playing the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst beta...that's free...and sweet. And by the way, Dustyn, or Slacker8, who was fired by Taco Bell for real, now has a job at a really nice barbacue restaraunt called 17th Street. 'Tis a nice gig, and he's already making more there in a couple of weeks than he was at Taco Bell for more than a year. That's it for a while, cya!


Your logic is flawless.

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