Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Simply because I haven't mentioned it before...

Firefox is a wonderful browser. Tabbed browsing is simply a Godsend. I don't know if I could ever go back to IE unless they seriously overhaul it's overall structure. Plugins (for Firefox) suck though, and I miss my IESpell spellchecker. In unrelated news, I'm on an IBM NetVista in our school library right now. It's got a 735 MHz P3 and 128 MBs of RAM, and it's running XP...it sucks. I'm supposed to be "researching" a "topic," but I think I've had all I can stand of "Greek/Roman Army Tactics" for one day. Speaking of being in the library...I'm lookin' at this weird kid, who came up to me while I was playing Super Metroid on Zsnes one day...and he's like "IS THAT METROID FUSION?" and I plainly replied "No." I would have left it at that, because I didn't feel like teaching someone who started playing games in 1998 the history of Nintendo, or videogames in general, but he kept on. "WHAT IS THAT???" he asked, and I replied dryly "Super Metroid, it's for SNES." He pondered this for a while...and I expected him to ask "How are you playing that on Computer???" but instead, he asked "WHAT IS A 'SNES?'" At this point, I tried to stay calm, but I couldn't help it. I blurted out "Are you retarded?" Little did I know, he was. Well that's the end of that story. AfroRyan out.


Pickin' on tards.

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