Monday, April 11, 2005

Old and New "Stuffage"

So, I made it onto the front page of the marathon story page! Check it out at and click on "box acronyms," cause that one is TOTALLY mine. And while we're on the subject of me making it on the front page of an awesome bungie fansite, check out I had actually almost forgot about that one, it was so long ago. I would still have the emails from Claude, or "Louis," if you will, but msn/hotmail deleted all my crap because I didn't sign in for about 3 and a half months straight. Check out the movie he made with MY save profile here. Awesome huh?

aka "Black Irish"

UPDATE for 04/15/05: Wow, didn't expect this, but I actually got on the frontpage of the Marathon Story Page AGAIN (this time it's about Cortana Vs Durandal). On the story page twice in one week...that's awesome!

UPDATE for 05/17/05: Hey, seems I made it on just the plain olde MBO ( site as well! Although I personally am not mentioned, I'm still happy. I have copied it, and will now commence pasting it:
news updates

April 15

Should these things be Marathon related?

Marathon Story
The "Featured Marathon site" thingie is still going on at the Story Page. Lot's of good reading there.
Also on the Story Page:
Famous Jjaro boxers.
The return of the Bungie Webmaster.
Box acronyms. <--MINE!!!
New Marathon concept art.
Eternal fame.
Probably more things too that I overlooked...

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