Saturday, April 09, 2005


In response to a...response, I'm going to post a pixel art self portrait I made.

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Hope everyone likes it. Also, I have another "update" of sorts, but I've already typed it all out on my "journal," so I'm just gonna copy and paste it.


I TOTALLY have a blog

It's at, so check it out I suppose. Also, check out my freind's awesome war stories at On a totally unrelated note, I got a PSP...Lumines is great, and I'm diggin Metal Gear Ac!d, but so far, I HATE the hardware itself. For being the "sexiest thing since the iPOD," I have to say, I'm unimpressed. I mean, people say "IT CAN PLAY MP3S AND VIDEOS!!!1!!," to which I say, "YEAH, FOR ONLY THE ADDED COST OF ABOUT $200," by which I mean buying 2 one gig memory cards to hold your MP3s (it comes with a free 30 MB stick...which is almost completly useless for an MP3 player), which is STILL miniscule in comparison to an iPOD, which you can get at about a flat 300 bucks with 20-40 gigs on it. Not to mention you have to spend a good 15 bucks for a USB 2.0 connector (assuming you don't already have one...and I bet you don't). I won't even talk about the battery life issue, as I constantly have an adaptor available (there's no way I would actually play that thing somewhere without a power source anyways). I guess that would be pretty annoying for people who AREN'T though...O, and I completely forgot to mention that I had to return it once because of 3 dead pixles all located towards the middle of the screen. (My replacement has 2 dead pixles, but they're both on the border of the screen...I can live with that I guess...)
All in all, it's like every other piece of Sony hardware: SUCKY and DEFECTIVE.
Regardless, I bought one, and I'm pretty happy with it. If it weren't for Lumines though, I think I'd be kicking myself right now. (Ac!d is good too, but not good enough to warrent buying a system. If I would have heard that statement before I played Ac!d, I woulda been like "THIS GUYS TOTALLY GAY, HE DOESN'T LIKE METAL GEAR!1!!11!1," but after playing it, I'm not near as impressed, basically because it's just not as fun. I'm a strategy fan even, but the gameplay seems broken somehow...I'm not sure why. I'll update when I pinpoint the problem).


A bit of a rant, I know...but who cares. I'll post sometime later.


P.S. I got my Napolean Dynamite DVD signed by Mr. Jon Heder :) Thanks Chris Coleman!!! (he got backstage passes to the show I tryed to break into)

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Vietnam War Hero said...

Hey Ryan, looks like we're gonna need to change the link to my freePSPs thing. I changed my email on there and I lost all of my referrals.