Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My dad...

Here's a picture of my dad when he had an afro:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now you can see where my hair came from (along with my dashing good looks). Although my hair is about twice as big as my dad's was, his was certainly maintained better. All I know is, today at Dairy Queen, this lady from Texas came up and asked me if she could take my picture. She said "We were just drivin' by, when I noticed your hair. It's really popular where we live, but this is probably the biggest one I've ever seen in real life, especially on a white person..." I stopped her before she could ask me how I got it to do that or if it was a perm or how long it takes me to get it ready. I replied "Thanks, it's natural. All I have to do is take about 5 minutes in the morning and pick it out." I could tell she barely believed me, but whatever, most people don't. I accepted her request to take my picture, a picture that I'll probably never see, that will probably be shown around in Texas where they will all be like "GOOOOLLY that's a big Afro! I wish I could get my hair to do that!" Whatever Texans, you just go have fun wishing for curly hair and being cowboys or whatever it is you do down there (besides killing people, of course). *I understand that some may find that last remark "liberal," to which I ask "it was funny though, right?"*
Anyways, I'll probably update sometime later about an adventure I had about a month ago. Here's a small preview: "GGOOOO APE!!!!!!"

Is a Crying Clown crying because he's sad, or because he's been laughing too hard?


Vietnam War Hero said...

Holy Crap Ryan. How'd you get a links page on this template?

Vietnam War Hero said...

And link up my free PSP thing why don't cha.

AfroRyan said...

It's been posted. It's even in my title too!

Vietnam War Hero said...

Thanks Ryan. You're a saint!