Friday, April 29, 2005


Well, I'm not in school anymore (thank the Lord), but I'm still bored out of my mind. I was going to play Halo 2 tonight...but none of my friends are on :( I went to go play campaign on legendary, but after around my 100th time dying (literally), I stopped playing. Good news is, only a couple more weeks of school! CAN'T WAIT!!! Prom's on the way too, which is fine and dandy. Too bad I can't dance, nor make conversation NOT involving videogames, nor keep myself from quoting some obscure cartoon/movie/situation without even thinking about it. Oh well, I'm still looking forward to it.

Sick and tired...literally

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BaLOGna...haha!! said...

Yeah, school does suck. Not as bad as the Bouncer though, the graphics are horrible. It was like MST the movie, 'Should we be seeing this?' Ha ha ha...Sorry, I too possess the inability to not talk about video games or quote some obscure...yeah, you know the rest (considering you wrote it).

AOL PArental Controls blocks Dustyn's blogs... LOL.

GKY and then some...